Machine Tool Relocation








Machine Transport / Installation / Removal

We offer the ability to collect, deliver and install machines at your premises. We can just do the logistical side or we can offer you a package.

There are two packages we offer:


Standard Package

  • Collection of machine from supplier
  • Store if required
  • Transportation of machinery to your site
  • Offloading of machine using lorry mounted cranes / forklifts
  • Move machinery into position using skates and jacks
  • Sit down on pads ready for external commissioning

Premium Package

  • Strip machine on site and ready for transport
  • Load machinery and transport to your site
  • Off load and position machinery
  • Sit machinery down and bolt down machine
  • Level machinery, connect all services (can install these prior to delivery)
  • Rebuild all guarding and fit conveyors

We can arrange for machine bases to be installed prior to machine delivery.


We can also dispose of old and redundant machinery.


For more information on this and to talk more in depth contact

Paul on 0845 299 6014 or